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I started Adventures In Pubs a few years ago to help me remind myself which craft beers, real ales, wines, spirits, pubs and bars really stood out to me. It was all too easy to go on a night out to really enjoy what I was drinking and where I was and then totally forget what it was called or where it was the next day. This blog helped me not only to remember, but also to define and develop my tastes where previously my knowledge or awareness of what I was drinking was lower. Since then it has evolved and is a place where I can highlight and hopefully help promote all of my favourite vineyards, breweries and artisans. As a result, there are no negative reviews, no guest bloggers and no sponsored posts. I hope you enjoy it.


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Craft Beer & Real Ale

The huge craft beer explosion worldwide has produced some truly excellent microbreweries and has fundamentally changed the way that I both drink and view beer. These are just a few of those that I have found so far.

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For a long time I was overwhelmed by wine, the sheer breadth of options and a perceived snobbery. In recent years by trial and error as well as recommendation I have found some simply amazing wines from stunning wineries and vineyards across the globe as well as my own ways of describing them.

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I have been to many bad pubs in my life and when you find a great one you have to cherish it. Drink and spend time there and it will buck the trend and survive the large scale recent pub closures. I no longer tolerate bad pubs. Poor beer selection, awful atmospheres or terrible staff. These are some amazing pubs and you should visit them.

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