Adnams strike again! I’m a big fan of the Adnams brewery and haven’t yet had a bad one. Which says a great deal with favourites including Gunhill, Broadside and Innovation. However, their new brew (as far as I can tell it is new) Adnams American Style IPA is easily replaces all the others as their best ale.

Just one of the reasons I might like the wonderful taste is the choice and fusion of ingredients from this award winning brewery (Brewery Of The Year 2011 – The Good Pub Guide) from the picturesque village of Southwold in Suffolk…

“Recreated using a Californian yeast strain, pale ale malted barley, along with some Munich malt, Crystal malt and malted wheat. This will provide the biscuity backdrop to the big American hops […] America might have started out replicating beer styles from the rest of the world but they have moved far beyond that and now their beer styles are influencing the rest of the world” (

The taste is bold, fruity and a showcase for citrus hops which left me and my wife both wanting to keep drinking it all night. I was skeptical at first but was immediately won over in The Antelope after just one small taster. If this doesn’t win an award this year then it will be a travesty!

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