A wonderfully drinkable cross between a Golden Ale and Lager that offers the best of both. I recently tried Adnams Spindrift on draught at the The Maybush, a fantastic pub perched on the banks of the River Deben in Waldringfield, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, just outside Ipswich. It was lovely, fusing the taste of a Golden Ale with the cold, crisp and carbonated lager style and went extremely well with my fish pie. So well in pack that I had 4 at lunch time and could easily have had more, it was that tasty and that easy to drink! I would recommend a case of Adnams Spindrift as a ‘drink after work’ style drink that even lager purists should love.

However, for a full description, Adnams own website sums it up beautifully…

“Golden in colour, crowned with a full white head from the wheat added with wonderful orange peel and citrus aromas and flavours. Full of flavour; with all the chilled refreshment of a lager. Using our craft, skill and brewing expertise we have created a superb modern English speciality beer. With its bright, crisp, refreshing taste and continental-style smooth white head, Spindrift appeals to a wider audience of discerning drinkers and indeed to retailers who wouldn’t normally stock cask beer. Spindrift provides an alternative for lager drinkers who desire the speciality flavours of beer but prefer their beer slightly more carbonated and chilled.”


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