A perfect summer white wine from Argentina that is extremely drinkable and very tasty. According to wine writer Joanna Simon “there is no question that Argentina is set to be the next big thing in wine” and I agree. Both this and other Argentinian wines like The Waxed Bat and Vina Patricia are exceptional and I haven’t had a bad one yet. I found this again through Laithwaites’ fantastic wine club which has already introduced me to a range of great new wines. The Alma Andina – Torrontes 2010 is also produced and bottled by Andean Vineyards who also produce The Waxed Bat.

What makes the Alma Andina – Torrontes 2010 such a good wine is that it is isn’t quite as full on in taste as some Sauvignon Blancs which can be overpowering but has all its lovely underlying flavours and isn’t as acidic as a Pino Grigio, striking a happy medium between the two and it is a balance that works perfectly just be careful as you’ll easily finish off a whole bottle – whilst enjoying every sip. And at £7.49 a bottle from Laithwaites you can’t really argue.

Torrontés is fast becoming a New World classic and the freshly landed Alma Andina – Torrontes 2010 one of the best with The Torrontes grape considered to be the flagship white wine of Argentina and the best of its kind in the entire world. Definitely check it out!

But don’t just take my word for it:

“Savour Argentina’s delicious, flagship white grape – with a splash of crisp Sauvignon! Alma Andina is from Salta, a region in the northwest which makes just 1% of Argentina’s total production. It’s a bit of a desert, yet its climate is relatively moderate. With its high-altitude vineyards, cold summer nights play an important role in slowing down the ripening and ensuring the whites retain excellent aromas, juicy fruit and brisk acidity. To take full advantage of this, the grapes were all sourced from vineyards at 1,000 metres altitude. Cold fermentation in stainless steel at one of the most hi-tech wineries in Argentina has captured all the delightful freshness of this white. It’s an ideal aperitif, or a great match for seafood and oriental cuisine. It’s gone down a storm since it reached our cellars, winning plaudits from the Decanter awards and scooping a medal at the International Wine Challenge! Hurry for your share of this mouthwatering vintage today.” (Laithwaites)

“The wines produced from Torrontes are very aromatic with intense floral aromas backed up by lemon and orange notes with hints of white peach. Unlike many aromatic varieties, Torrontes retains bright acidity at maturity.” (snooth.com)

“Pale gold with wonderfully fresh aromas of honeysuckle, spice, lemon and grapefruit. Well-balanced with an exhilarating finish that makes this white an intense, deeply refreshing gem to sip solo or with mild Asian cuisine.” (British Airways Wine Club)

With wonderfully fresh aromas of honeysuckle, lemon and grapefruit, it’s as charming as it is exhilarating. This intense, deeply refreshing gem is great to sip solo, or enjoy with mild Asian cuisine. (Amazon)

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