What I love about “England’s Gold” from the Badger Brewery (apart from the name), is how fantastically easy to drink this beer is. The flavour is far less challenging than some of the heavier tasting bottles in the Badger range. It’s not a beer that requires analysis or mulling over whilst sipping, it’s a crisp and tasty beer that simply requires drinking.

There is a distinctly summer-like floral flavour to this beer, and a sweetness that is kept in check by its crispness. It’s bright in colour and in taste. I am particularly looking forward to the BBQ season this year, as I can just tell this is going to taste great outdoors in the sun. Not to mention at a respectable 4.6% this should be a good social beer.

I have to admit that I am, and have been, a self confessed Lager drinker, who has only recently become disillusioned with the standard fare of Fosters, Carling and Carlsberg. I discovered a couple of decent pilsners, and tried a few reasonable pale ales. I could tell I was heading in the right direction, and then I found “England’s Gold”. It combines the flavour of a good Beer with the refreshing qualities of a good Lager. I am tempted to say that this is the perfect ‘entry level beer’, but this beer is not just for beginners, seasoned beer fans love it too.


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