Award winning micro-brewed beer made on site and a fantastic location on the river at the trendy Riverside Point on Clarke Quay in Singapore and 35 degree heat. What is not to like about Brewerkz?! I recently spent 5 days in Singapore and was overwhelmed by the quality of beer and the sheer number of microbrewery pubs within such easy reach. I went to 3 but I saw at least 6. Prices are expensive (but watch out for numerous happy hour offers), as is to be expected in Singapore but there is a real sense that drinkers are welcome and encouraged so are well catered for. Pints are the standard measurement in these pubs (Brewerkz, Red Dot and The Pump Room) but halves, thirds and towers are also available.

The standout drink for me here was the India Pale Ale which seemed to be the choice most people were making (as it had won 3 awards Beerfest Asia 2010 Bronze, Australian International Beer Awards 2007 Silver and Australian International Beer Awards 2007 Bronze). However, I had most of them having tried them over several trips to this friendly and inviting pub and can say with certainty that you will not have a bad pint (most of the other beers have also won awards eg Brewerkz XIPA claimed a gold medal in the English Style India Pale Ale at the Association of Brewers (AOB) World Beer Cup® 2004.). Maybe this is why in June 2010 – Brewerkz claimed the overall grand prize of “Outstanding South East Asian Microbrewery” at the inaugural SE Asia Microbrewery Awards!

“Founded in 1997, Singapore’s award-winning microbrewery restaurant, Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery, was the brain-child of US-born Devin Otto Kimble and Daniel Flores, who initially modeled it after similar concepts in the USA and Canada. The iconic full-service restaurant features high quality American-style food and a full range of premium beers handcrafted on-site from the 10 hl microbrewery attached to the restaurant. Most notable attraction of the restaurant is the distinctly featured custom-made microbrewery built by Newlands Systems Inc in Abbotsford, BC Canada. Equipped with specially fabricated fermentation tanks that have been designed to minimize floor-space needs, the brewing system produces over 2,500 hectoliters of beer per annum, nearly all of which is drunk at both Brewerkz locations and their sister concepts Café Iguana and Garage.”

If you are in Singapore I heartily recommend a trip or several to Brewerkz!

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