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One of the best presents I have ever been bought, a 1 gallon, ‘stove-top’, all-grain brewing kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. It has taught me so much about beer in such a short time and the beer you make is lovely. It has also created a new hobby for me, home brewing.

I started with the Everyday IPA but have also brewed the Bruxelles Blonde, Warrior Double IPA and Grapefruit Honey Ale. All were lovely but the Everyday IPA was my favourite. I love American style pale ales and IPAs so this really suited my taste.

It contains almost everything you need to make 6 pints of beer at home including a 1 gallon glass demijohn, beer making ingredients, steriliser, siphon, thermometer and airlock. All you need is a 9 litre cooking pot, some empty bottles, caps, capper, sieve or strainer and either some priming sugar or honey to carbonate the beer in the bottles.

1 Gallon All Grain Homebrew Kit

Being an ‘all grain’ home brew kit means that you make everything from scratch from malt grains to really understand what makes a beer and what goes in it. It isn’t much, but the results are great. It is clean and if you use priming sugar rather than honey to condition it, is vegan friendly.

My appreciation of beer is much higher from doing this kit sand the refills. It is hugely enjoyable and can be done in an evening in a small flat in London. The instructions are easy to follow and your technique will come with practice. The support from Brooklyn Brew Shop has been amazing. They love to see the results and are happy to help if you are having issues. I cannot recommend this highly enough to any true beer lovers.

Try it, you will be as infatuated as I am. I have since upgraded my setup to make 40 pints at a time as I have enjoyed this so much. Thank you Brooklyn Brew Shop.

I bought mine from here:

Have fun!

“As tempting for hop-heads as for the ones who love them, this well-balanced citrusy IPA gets its bitterness from Columbus hops and its fragrant citrus aroma from Cascade hops. And at 6.8%, it will make every day a good one.”

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