Brothers Beer - Auckland, New Zealand

Brothers Beer is an amazing craft beer lounge and brewery in the centre of Auckland, New Zealand hosting 18 taps and 200+ bottles from all over the world!

On a recent trip to Auckland for a friend’s wedding the soon to be bride and groom took us to what looked at first glance like a car park for a supermarket or depot. Get up close and an amazing find in the centre of the city comes into view. Brothers Beer was the highlight with their huge variety of craft beers, many of which from their own on site brewery. The staff were lovely and very helpful, the beers all superb and a great feel to the place.

I tried about 5 glasses of beer at Brothers Beer, all were amazing. The venue, which looks like a warehouse has been filled with a brewery, comfy sofas, tables, stools, benches and more making it feel welcoming and homely for such a stark space if it was empty. They were very welcoming of my 18 month old daughter who was happily toddling around and I would very much recommend seeking this place out if you are anywhere near Auckland.

What really helps to bring Brothers Beer to life is the other shops in the complex, including artisan food shops and gourmet coffee, all sporting bean bags and all sorts of relaxing ways to enjoy their wares stopping short of hanging hammocks.

In short, I loved it and wished this was in London (although I hope they bring their New Zealand weather).


Brothers Beer: Brewery, Retail Store & Tasting Lounge, Auckland’s new home for lovers of beer.

  • 4800 litre capacity brewery on site
  • The world’s best Craft Beers from NZ, Aussie, Japan, Europe and the US
  • Visit our Tasting Lounge, have a beer and and try our thin-crust pizza
  • Shop online and get craft beer delivered to your door
  • Events – live music, tap takeovers and special releases

Address: 90 Wellesley St W, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand
Phone:+64 9-366 6100


Brothers Beer Logo


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