Café Gollem is a hidden little treasure in the heart of Amsterdam. One of 3 Gollem pubs in Amsterdam, this is by far my favourite. I have been everytime I go to Amsterdam – which is 7 times now. It is the smallest pub I have ever been in but has an extremely well selected choice of Belgian and other speciality beers. It is the place that I first enjoyed Kwak and it’s unique glass and have literally spent hours in here chatting with friends, getting cosy with my wife and meeting other beer enthusiasts from Holland and around the world.

“In 1974 Café Gollem was the first café in Amsterdam which served Belgian and other foreign beers. Café Gollem is located at Raamsteeg 4 in Amsterdam between the Spuistraat and the Singel in a former century old liqueur distillery. We serve over 200 different kinds of bottled beers, of which 95% are Belgian, and some are exclusive. We stock the exclusive Westvleteren, as well as a few other rare Trappist beers. There are 10 beers on tap, from which 6 change frequently.”

Hidden away down an alley it would be easy to miss this wonderful place and for a couple of years I did (the alley looks like where they put the bins out). The locals even try not to put it on the tourist map as it wouldn’t be big enough to hold everyone who turned up! The atmosphere of people who go to Cafe Gollem is very friendly and inviting and even though the choice can be overpowering don’t worry and just ask any of the staff or people propping up the bar for help and it will gladly be given – along with tasters to sample!

Search this place out! You will not be disappointed.
Opening times: Weekdays 16.00-01.00 hrs. Weekend 14.00-02.00 hrs
Raamsteeg 4, Amsterdam

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