An honest,  straight up American-Style Pale Ale, brewed in the vibey, heart of North London, Camden Town. The Camden Town Brewery seems to have grown from strength to strength over the past few months. I have seen it stocked in an increasing amount of London pubs which is great to see and I am glad to report that the quality of the beer is noteworthy, good news for everyone who lives in town. Their Pale Ale is my favourite although I like their Hells and Wheat too.

For me the strength of the Pale Ale is that it is crisp, tasty, hoppy and with a hint of fruit but is uncomplicated, easy to drink, clean and easily identifiable flavours. Some might say this is boring and on paper maybe it should be, with the wealth of well engineered Pale ales being created nationwide at the moment. But somehow it does and I love it on draft and in bottles, in fact a bottle or two of it went well with my meal at Gastro in Clapham. I’m sure I’ll be trying more from this brewery and I can’t wait. Will it replace Meantime, Adnams or Brew Dog as my go to breweries, we shall see… but it is a great problem to have to try and solve!

In their own words:

“We like hops. Not stupid gum-numbing hops but the sort which tease you and make you want more. Grapefruit, orange, peach, tropical fruit and a floral finish make Camden Pale super drinkable. Or bangable, as we say.” (Camden Town Brewery)

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