During a stay at the wonderful Fattoria Di Vibio (www.fattoriadivibio.com) I found this choice offering within their comprehensive selection of wines from the Southern Umbria region of Italy, just outside of Rome. This little beauty, CollepianoSagrantino Di Montefalco is produced by Arnaldo-Caprai and is my favourite of all the wines that I tried there. It is pricey (I paid 36 Euro) but as it was a special end of holiday – lets use up all of our left over Euros – treat I felt that it was worth it. Upon checking my Lonely Planet guide for the region it turns out that Sagrantino Di Montefalco is one of the highlights for wine in the region so I was excited to try it.

We had a bottle of Collepiano with 5 courses of food, Italian style and it went with it all perfectly. It is a deep purple colour, rich and full bodied. It smells and tastes a little of blackberries. It has a vanilla and buttery after taste as well as a bite from being that little bit stronger in alcohol.

Gambero Rosso notes a flavor of “blackberries which melt with chocolate, liquor and oriental spices of great elegance” in describing this wine.  Caprai reports “mature fruit and hints of spice and aromas of vanilla” (source)

This is a very good wine and good for a present or a treat. However, if the Collepiano is stretching your budget too much I had several other wines from Montefalco including some Sagrantino Di Montefalco which were under half the price but only dropped a small bit in terms of quality and taste. I will be reviewing these shortly so that you’ll have options available for the true taste of Southern Umbrian red wines.

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