Extremely extravagant but exceptionally tasty! At £27+ a bottle d’Arenberg’s The Dead Arm is a treat for a special occasion. But once you try it i’m sure you’ll have a new favourite wine to judge all others by! It has all of the buttery, vanilla after taste that I love and this Australian Shiraz from McLaren Vale has it in droves. Add in a gorgeous but not overwhelming taste of plums, with a spicy edge and you are near perfection for me. d’Arenberg seem to be able to turn everything they make into drinkable gold. The only unfortunate and negative point is the price which is restaurant level pricing in an off-licence or supermarket. I would definitely have it again and am happy that I selected it to celebrate my first wedding anniversary but it cannot be a regular treat. For a more day to day treat try the Laughing Magpie also by d’Arenberg or Vina Patricia 2008 – Gaucho.

In short… The Dead Arm is amazing and my new favourite wine but I doubt I’ll order another bottle for a long while.

“The Richly concentrated The Dead Arm Shiraz is named after a fungal disease, derives from truncated, gap toothed vines dating back to 1912.” (d’Arenberg)

“The nose is very aromatic, floral and youthful. There is a fascinating amount of intensity that draws you back. The lavender floral notes along with plum and blackberries are the most pronounced while the enigmatic beauty of this wine lies in the next layer of extremely alluring pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and hint of five spice.

The opulent palate is rich and dense with staggering concentration. Crushed ants, rhubarb, and deep earth add to the complexity. The chewy tannins are abundant and balanced by the fruit power. Building through the palate the tannins provide for a long, vibrant, savoury and spicy finish.

The Dead Arm Shiraz 2007 manages to balance focus and complexity superbly . The structure is muscular and the fruit powerful, yet it maintains a pretty elegance which is allowed to flourish with deft use of oak.”(d’Arenberg)


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