As with my last post I was recently introduced to the gorgeous Ardennes Pale, one of the Monthly Specials from the Dark Star brewery based in West Sussex at the Craft Beer Co in Clerkenwell.  After one small taster I ordered a whole pint and loved it! Is has a strong hoppy flavour in a summer ale style that held its own against some of the strong American style IPA’s that I had drunk that day. It is a shame that it is only a special, but it has inspired me to seek out more from Dark Star. I am sure that over the years I have already tried some – but that was in days before this blog helped me to remember what I had drunk and which ones I liked. In the meantime – I recommend having a cold Ardennes Pale to top off a lovely summers day.

“Inspired by a visit to Chouffe brewery, we have imported a belgian yeast strain to take centre stage with this new beer. A straw coloured beer with pale ale & wheat malt, liberally hopped with Saaz, Hallertau and Styrian goldings and subtly spiced. This is one clean drinking, refreshing summer beer.” (Dark Star Brewing)

The Dark Star Brewing Company was born in 1994 in the cellar of The Evening Star Pub, in Brighton. With a brew plant only marginally bigger than an enthusiastic home-brew kit the characteristic style of hoppy beers was developed and tried out on the willing guinea pigs at the bar.”

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