More than 2000 beers over 20 on tap! A beer menu that reads like a Yellow Pages phone book! Delirium Cafe in the very heart of Brussels really does take things to the extreme but in the very best of ways. I wanted to spend all day and all night here, which is dangerous considering the strength of some of the beers. Everything I could have wanted in terms of speciality beers was here. The real treat for me was discovering the delights of Delirium Tremens on tap served in the trademark pink elephant glass (which my wife bought to take home). I also looked for and found Andechs Dunkel Weissbier!

Joel ‘The Boss’ at Delirium Cafe is the creator of Chez Moeder Lambic and Bière Magazine and claims to have sampled over one and a half thousand beers! His knowledge is extensive and in 2003 his love for beer led him to create the Delirium Café. So it was no wonder I saw him get a little sad when a guy came in and asked for a pint of Guiness. Joel said sorry but they only had it in bottles or had numerous other porters on tap. At which point the guy left to find another pub! You can’t win them all but Delirium Cafe certainly won me over.

The rustic feel of the place sitting at upturned beer/wine/whisky barrels with old past time posters on the wall, friendly staff and a good mix of age groups and characters coming in allows you to sink in or get a party started. Downstairs is their bottle seller (taps are mostly upstairs) is an impressive sight to behold. The only issues I had with downstairs was that when I went smoking was still allowed inside (where as it wasn’t in the UK) and it was noticeable how much I liked having the smoking ban :-).

I would like to have seen more than 5 British beers on their menu – but this really is splitting hairs as the selection, choice and atmosphere can be overwhelming. But sit back and relax – don’t be afraid to ask for help and you love it as much as I did and hopefully experience some new tastes.

Only and hour or so on the Eurostar and almost on top of the Grande Place there is no reason not to visit this charming and bewildering place.
Trip Advisor #2 for Nightlife in Brussels
Impasse de la Fidélité, 4A – 1000 Bruxelles

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