Amazing food cooking in beer and served with a taster menu style accompanying beer with every course! Den Dijver deserves a special mention despite actually being a restaurant rather than a pub. Situated right in the heart of the majestic city of Bruge Den Dijver won the Gold Medal at the first ‘Beer & Gastronomy Awards‘ in 2007, picking up a silver in 2008 and gold again in 2009 and it is extremely easy to see why. Taking the ethos of cooking with the magnificent flavours of wine and using the same ideas to cook with wonderful beers and then serve matching beers with each course including Kriek with chocolate cake 🙂 I can’t remember the exact combinations we had but every course was wonderful fine dining, a unique experience and a beer lovers paradise. I love it!

Just check out their new menu for Spring 2011 and try telling me that this is not the most appealing restaurant in the world! I love it would recommend it to all and most certainly will return to Den Dijver!

Almost Springtime

Baked Norwegian fish. Curled octopus. Warty venus.
Roasted red pepper relish. Celery. M’Hamsa couscous.
Lambicus – Brouwerij Timmermans – Itterbeek
Château Le FagĂ© – Bergerac Sec – Sauvignon
Low temperature cooked wood-pigeon
Parsnip and hazelnuts. Marinated yellow beetroot.
Geuze pear. Salted red onion.
De Koninck – Brouwerij De Koninck – Antwerpen
Château de Cabriac – Corbières
Dogfish. Spinach sauce.
Baked Roseval potatoes with thyme and garlic
Radicchio. Grilled courgettes
Pimpernelle – Brouwerij Jessenhofke – Kuringen
Chardonnay-Viognier – Duberny – Pays d’Oc
Iberico fillet. Pork cheek. Suet potatoes
Preserved pumpkin. Chutney of cabbages and gherkins
Herbal mousse. Bacon sauce
Mc Chouffe – Brasserie d’Achouffe – Wibrin
Brunel de la Gardine – CĂ´te-du-RhĂ´ne
Mango tartlet. Chocolate crisp
Almond mash. Lime ice-cream
Liefmans Cuvee Brut – Brouwerij Liefmans – Oudenaarde
Domaine Bellegard e – Jurançon

3-courses menu (choice as starter) € 50 – beer-selection € 14 – wine-selection € 21
4-courses menu (both starters) € 65 – beer-selection € 19 – wine-selection € 28

Cheese assortment
Apple jelly. Brugean biscuit
With beer 14 Euro – With wine 16 Euro
TripAdvisor reviews
Dijver 5, 8000, Brugge

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