1800 wines in their cellar! What a treat! Many of them from Tuscany this beautiful modern wine bar and restaurant set in the imposing and beautiful ancient medieval stone tower situated right in the heart of the magnificent city of Sienna, very close to Piazza del Campo and Piazza Indipendenza.

Check out their wine list (Enoteca i Terzi Wine List) It is about as mesmerising as the choice in the Delirium Cafe in Brussels with it’s 2000 beers!

The stunning brick vaults and architecture of Enoteca i Terzi will have you gazing idly around you for hours. Which is good because with so many wines on offer how do you stop at just one?! Especially when combined with a plate of Antipasti! Plus the views of both the stunning leafy outside of Sienna’s walls can be seen in contrast to the entrance which is approached from within the city limits and makes for an inspiring visit. The terrace we sat out on was a little overlooked by a fun fair. I’m not sure if it is a permanent fixture but either way it didn’t in anyway spoil our evening.

I was a little taken aback by the large choice of wines and (perhaps wrongly) ordered a wine I have had before (and love) Nipozzano – which was recommended to us by locals in a restaurant in Florence. With so much choice I would like to have been more adventurous and when I go back – which I most certainly will I will be doing just that!

I love Enoteca i Terzi and will definitely be making my way back there.

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Enoteca I Terzi, Via dei Termini 7, 53100 SIENA.

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