Euston Tap

One of the most unique pubs in London, the Euston Tap stocks 8 rotating cask ales, 20 keg beers, 150 bottled beers and all in an incredible building (one of the gatehouses) outside Euston Station.

The Euston Tap Housed inhabits one of the beautiful and ornate gatehouses located by Euston bus station, part of the last remnants of the long gone Euston Arch. As a result it can get cramped, or as an estate agent would call it, bijou. But, it is no worse off for it. The atmosphere is great, the people are friendly, the staff knowledgeable and you will struggle to find a more memorable pub.

Euston Tap

The beer selection in the Euston Tap is epic in scale and quality. There will always be something for you, you can always try new things, and are encouraged to do so by their beer policy: “We have no affiliation with any breweries and are therefore free to focus on the selecting the best beers possible. Like a good wine list, Euston Tap offers cask, keg and bottle beers on a sliding scale ranging from the very well priced £2.70 per pint or £3.00 per bottle and up”. Who could say no to trying a few out?

Most standout of all for me was the garden tap style taps (seen below) which bring magical nectar up from below-stairs in an almost self-service style. It is a fantastic look and one that I raved about for weeks.

Euston Tap

If you are passing by Euston Station I strongly recommend that you try out the Euston Tap. Although you might walk past it a few time before you realise that it is actually inside the gatehouse!

Euston Tap
190 Euston Road,

Euston Tap logo

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