Havana’s only microbrewery is situated on the beautiful and lively Plaza Vieja right in the heart of Cuba’s capital city and serves fantastic German style beer. Setup by an Austrian company in 2004 the wooden benches inside give it a great beer hall vibe and the tables outside on the cobbles of the picturesque square add an almost colonial vibe to you night out.

Naturally we went twice, once during the afternoon and once in the evening, eating and drinking on both occasions. The open grill which all can see went on late into the evening and their cuban favourites were amazing. Add to this a tower (5/6 pints) of well crafted beer and you have a fantastic night out. The staff are friendly and attentive without being pushy (something I found everywhere in Cuba). On top of this a lively traditional Cuban band entertains drinkers and diners with classic rhythms.

There are only 3 choices of beer:

– Light (lager)
– Dark (Stronger Ale / Beer)
– Black (Stout / Porter)

I tried both the light and dark and although both were good dark is the one I went with when ordering our tower as it was a much more interesting flavour. Although for 12 Pesos (about £8) it is hard to complain!

I would happily go back to the Factoria Plaza Vieja and would head in that direction if it was in London. I only hope that Cuba starts opening more places like this. If you are going to Havana – it is well worth the trip.

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