My first taste of the Flying Dog brewery was extremely positive with two hits in the form of their Snake Dog India Pale Ale and Raging Bitch – Belgian Style IPA. The Snake Dog was fruity and full tasting without being overpowering and yet also had a smoothness that helps to make this 7.1% beauty a session ale.

Snake Dog IPA is our resident hop monster.”

“IPAs emphasize the heat in spicy foods and smooth-out creamy, fatty foods. Flavour notes: Big citrus (notably grapefruit) hop aroma and flavour with caramel malt notes. Pairs with: Mexican, Thai, Indian, Wasabi, buttery, and spicy cheeses and exotic fruits.”

About Flying Dog: “In 1990, George founded the Flying Dog Brewpub in Aspen, Colorado. From that brewpub to a full-fledged Denver brewery (co-founded by George and his longtime friend and partner, Richard McIntyre) in 1994, and then to our current state-of-the-art brewing facility in Frederick, Maryland, Flying Dog continues to make sense.”

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