Wicked place this. Inside it has the compact but friendly vibe of a coffee shop in Amsterdam but with a well selected bottled beer selection including a couple of my now personal favourites, Schneider Weisse wheat beer and Little Creatures pale ale. I’ve not tried their wine as I can’t seem to get myself off of their beers. But I am assured they are equally well chosen.

The Holy Drinker is very near the busy Clapham Junction rail station and sited on the famous Northcote Road it is easy to find and at first glance is quite unassuming and easy to ignore. However, give it a try and you’ll be converted. They claim to be the only independent bar in the area and their moto on their website is pleasingly… “IT’S BIG. IT’S CLEVER. IT’S A BAR FOR DRINKING. WE BELIEVE THAT DRINKING IS A PASTIME THAT SHOULD BE PURE – AN ACTIVITY UNCONTAMINATED BY THE THINGS THAT MAKE OTHER BARS SO, WELL, IRRITATING.

On top of the overall buzzy atmosphere and vibrant hustle and bustle of the place the Holy Drinker also has another ace up it’s sleeve in the form of their resident DJ who’s truly eclectic tune selection (although all of it is aimed to excite you) will have you singing and probably dancing too as well as reminding you of rare tunes you haven’t heard in ages and sometimes dropping tracks you’ll never have heard. I’ve enjoyed every record i’ve heard in there, which is a great achievement.

I would recommend the Holy Drinker as a place to end a night of pubs when you are out with friends or as a place to sit when the sun is out enjoying a lovely beer at a table on the Northcote Road and people watching in a Paris/London hybrid pub that really adds something to the local area.

Holy Drinker, 59 Northcote Road, Clapham Junction, London. SW11 1NP t: 020 7801 0544

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