Truly gorgeous and a possible contender to topple Meantime’s London Pale Ale as my favourite beer of all time! Meantime Pacific Pale Ale has all the hoppy pale ale flavour of the London Pale Ale but with much more of a fruity and honey taste rather than a slightly copper taste that is just so drinkable. It is just a shame that the Pacific Pale Ale does not become a year round treat for all!

Meantime Pacific Pale Ale – 4.0% ABV
Tropical fruit flavours and aroma on a light malt base. The Australian and New Zealand craft brewing scene has taken inspiration from the hoppy aromatic Pacific Coast American craft beers to come up with a beer style of its own. Meantime’s interpretation shouts passion fruit, mango and grapefruit, succulent and soft pale malt. A tropical taste for wholehearted summer drinking. Goes well with strong pepper flavours such as jerk chicken, also rich soft cheeses. (Source:

Anyone not acquainted with the Meantime Brewery should 100% check them out. You can order cases online, go to their Greenwich office and pick it up or even check out Sainsburys and Waitrose who are both stocking more and more Meantime every week. This is one brewery who in my mind cannot put a foot wrong! As their new logo states: “In a glass of its own”.


Jan/Feb – Chocolate
Mar/Apr – Yakima Red
May/Jun – Famous Belgium
Jul/Aug – Pacific Pale Ale
Sep/Oct – American Style Brown Ale
Nov/Dec – Cherry or Cranberry Stout

Meantime Limited Editions

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