On my recent holiday in Rome I had to find Open Baladin, a little gem of a bar hidden in the centre of the city boasting “40 draught beers made by the best craft breweries in Italy”.  They were not wrong.  I had three of their beers, each of which I loved: Reale, Reale Extra and Isaac.  Two were very well brewed IPAs which had the essence of an American style but with a distinctive flavour that sets them apart. The Isaac is a white beer which is fruity and enjoyable as well as proving to be just the thing to alleviate the 35 degree heat and relentless sun.

As you can see, the Open Baladin bar is well stocked with a strong range of artisan beers made in Italy with a select few others thrown in for good measure. It looks fantastic with an industrial brewery style crossed with bohemian chic. There also felt to be a strong under-current running through the city whereby artisan beers were being taken as seriously as wine and there is definitely a profusion of bars and restaurants stocking these choice offerings and paying careful attention to their beer lists, which is lovely to see!

If you are in the city Open Baladin is well worth checking out. If you can’t stay long they also have a shop where you can buy take-away beers. It was lovely in the afternoon, not too busy and very comfortable. I wasn’t there for the evening but I can see that it would get busy as it is a great place! Check it out!


Open Baladin Roma Srl
Via Degli Specchi, 6
Roma (RM)

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