Kwak – theatrical and tasty although not to be underestimated at 8.4% abv. My friends say that it is an acquired taste but I love it. The unique mini ‘yard of ale‘ style glass held upright in a wooden stand like a test tube is a attention grabber and you might notice that after you order one everyone around you will as well. The brewery claims the glass was designed by the innkeeper Pauwel Kwak (after whom the beer is named) in the early 19th century for coachmen who would stop at his coaching tavern and brewery named “De Hoorn” (though the beer and the glass were launched in the 1980s). At that time coachmen were not allowed to leave their coach and horses in order to have a drink with their passengers and so the Kwak glass was supposedly designed so that it could be hung on the side of the coach. Ingenious!

Pauwel Kwak or simply Kwak, is a Belgian beer, brewed by the family-owned Brewery Bosteels in Buggenhout, Belgium. It is recognisable by its deep bright amber colour and a dense, creamy coloured head. It has a mellow, fruity and malty aroma with a slightly spicy character with very subtle aromas of banana. It tastes a little intense at first with a fruity attack, a nougat-like solidity, and a slightly spicy character with hints of licorice passing into a warm finish that reminds you of caramelised banana. The bitterness always remains in the background but in the end emerges delicately.”

Awards include:
– Honour at the World Exhibition 1876
– World Beer Cup (USA) 1996 Gold Medal
– World Beer Cup (USA) 2000 Bronze Medal
– World Beer Cup (USA) 2002 Silver Medal
– Beverage Testing Institute (USA) 2000 “Exceptional” Medal

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