A lovely wine and one I can only describe as ‘complex’. It is deep, rich, spicy, fruity, smooth and with a buttery finish that I adore. In short… the bottle didn’t last long! Which is probably why it won the Bronze – Decanter World Wine Award. I will definitely be checking out more from the Ravenswood vineyard!

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel was given to me as a gift from someone that I trust with wine choices and wasn’t disappointed it had a peppery, spicy taste combined with a soft vanilla smoothness, fruity overtones and a buttery aftertaste with a hint of popcorn in the smell. It took a couple of mouthfuls to get my head around the variety of flavours but was quickly won over. It’s just a shame we didn’t have a second bottle waiting in the rack to follow up the first! I drank Ravenswood’s Lodi Zinfandel it on its own as a drinking wine following a steak dinner and whilst watching a film and it was perfect.

Lodi, in the Northern part of California’s Central Valley, is know as the Zinfandel Capital of the World. Home to mature vine Zinfandel plantings in well-drained sandy soils, produce powerful and extractive wines that underline Ravenswood’s ‘No Wimpy Wines’ motto.” Bursting with concentrated sweet blueberry, plums and spice aromas. Bright and fruity with soft, ripe roundness and well balanced acidity, filled with vanilla and toasted spices that linger on the finish. (www.majestic.co.uk)


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