I simply adore this red wine as well as the rose although to be honest this might have a lot to do with the romance surrounding where it was bought and how it was enjoyed. Rignana is situated in the very heart of Tuscany near the town of Greve In Chianti near to Florence. It is an Italian Fattoria hidden away off the beaten track which requires a car, a sat nav and a sixth sense to find. But when you do find it you come to a glistening vineyard in the middle of the country surrounded by hectares of olives and grapes. Not so unique in Tuscany you might say but this is the one place i’ve been to more than once and would happily go back again and again year after year. The rural old world style villa and bed and breakfast feels like it came straight from a beautiful poem. Combine with stunning scenery, mostly great weather, warm and friendly staff, an infinity pool looking out over the grapes and quite literally the best restaurant I have ever eaten in all relatively inexpensive (but then this is Italy and the Pound-Euro exchange rate isn’t brilliant at the moment). Even still I happily bring home bottles of the Rignana Chianti Classico Riserva and Olive Oil in my suitcase and serve when we have people over for dinner. It might not be the pinnacle of Chianti production but it is a strong contender and if you’ve stayed on the vineyard itself and drunk it with dinner the memories it brings back will last a lifetime. I know this is a bit of a hotel review for which I am sorry. But both the Fattoria di Rignana and their wines are first class. Enjoy!

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