Initially I wasn’t sure about trying Saranac White IPA when I was recommended it at the Great British Beer Festival 2012. It didn’t really sound like something I would enjoy. But I’m glad that I didn’t judge this beer by it’s name and dived in. It tastes like the perfect fusion of a blonde beer and an American / Pacific style IPA. Agreed… it sounds weird but really works very well.

Saranac White IPA is both refreshing, tasty and unique and I love it. Combining fruity citrus flavour with hints of banana like a good wheat beer. The real strong point is that it is light yet full of flavour, making it a great summer or sunshine beer. I would well recommend that you try a bottle. Both me and my wife enjoyed it  as well as some of our friends. If you wanted to introduce someone to a craft beer but aren’t sure where to start this could be a great option. It is slightly strong, clocking in at 6% but if you didn’t know – you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Saranac White IPA is a tasty innovative twist on a traditional IPA.  We’ve taken a delicious American IPA bursting with Citra hops, and given it a whole new direction by adding the refreshing fruitiness of orange peel & coriander and the softening characters of wheat malt and oats.  You’ll notice the complex hop flavor you’ve come to expect in an IPA, balanced with the extraordinary bright flavor of a wheat beer.  Cheers to twisting tradition! ” (Saranac)

A Brief History of the Matt Brewing Company Brewhouse Square, Utica, NY

“As one of the few remaining great American regional breweries, the Matt Brewing Company has prospered at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Central New York for over a century. Under the leadership of the third (Nick) and fourth (Fred) generations of the Matt Family, the Brewery has earned the reputation as one of the most respected specialty brewers in the country, producing a variety of distinctive, flavorful beers.” (Saranac)

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