A fantastic range of wheat beers of all styles that I just adore. I have tried all of the Schneider Weisse range and they are all extremely tasty with my personal favourite being Tap 7. Thankfully these are now being stocked in bigger supermarkets as well as more and more pubs. I first encountered these in The Microbar in Clapham Common (now Ink Rooms) and in the Holy Drinker before actively seeking out more of these wonderful wheat beers perfect for summers days and always ordering one when I see one. And who can resist a beer listed by Meantime as one of their Heroes!


From their website – and from my experience this is about right.
“The wheat beer specialists of the Schneider brewery are regularly awarded at international competitions. This proves that they are justly considered as world classics. A unique variety of distinguishing wheat beer specialties is being brewed at Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer brewery strictly following the Reinheitsgebot. The brewer, Georg Schneider VI, presents his family of wheat beer specialties:”

THE BREWERY Specialities
TAP1 Meine blonde Weisse
TAP2 Mein Kristall
TAP3 Mein Alkoholfreies
TAP4 Mein Grünes
TAP5 Meine Hopfenweisse
TAP6 Unser Aventinus
TAP7 Unser Original
TAP11 Mein Leichtes
Aventinus Eisbock


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