“Deceptively drinkable – a delightful beer” is how Badger Ales describe their Tanglefoot beer and they are 100% correct. After purchasing and consuming a Badger selection box it was clear that all were remarkable ales each one stand out including England’s Gold and Poacher’s Choice. Although by far the more drinkable in a session and arguably the tastiest was Tanglefoot.

“Traditional premium ale, light golden in colour. Noticeable floral dry hop aroma balanced with biscuity and fruity notes. Full bodied with a medium bitterness and a rounded, smooth, hoppy flavour. Hints of melon and pear. A clean finish with some hoppy linger.”

So far I have not found a Badger Ale – an independent family company owned and run by the fifth generation of the Woodhouse family – that I have not thoroughly enjoyed and this is no exception and with a turnover approaching £90m and over 1,500 employees they must be doing something right!

Want to try something different? Badger Ales have posted a list of recipes that use Tanglefoot (click here)

Tanglefoot Strong Ale – the best beer in the world (1987) [Brewing Industry International Awards]
Tanglefoot Strong Ale – best draught cask ale in its class [Brewing Industry International Awards]
Tanglefoot Strong Ale – Bronze award in the highly competitive category for Premium Ales [OLN’s International Beer and Cider Competition 2000] – “A robust and delicious brew” – Michael Jackson, “A strong but subtle brew” – CAMRA.


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