The Black Stump is Laithwaite’s “No.1 bestseller of all time” and was “No.1 in the Customer Poll for the fifth year running”. It is also, you’ll be happy to hear, lovely. And as an extra treat, at the time of writing Laithwaites is offering a healthy 50% off bringing a bottle in at the low price of £4.14! Tempting isn’t it?

If I had any space left in my wine rack I would order a whole case and devour it. But alas, I still have the enviable task of getting through a whole case of Waxed Bat first! It can be a hard life sometimes!

The Black Stump – In their words:

“According to winemaker Alan Kennett (and thousands of Black Stump customers), when you combine Durif and spicy Shiraz “magical things happen”. Perhaps this explains Black Stump’s decade of popularity. The wine owes its name to a mythical outback landmark, now part of the Aussie language. An expression of the biggest/ richest anything “this side of the black stump” effectively means “in the known world”. How appropriate for a wine of peerless intensity and popularity. Dark Durif – “the grape that takes no prisoners” (The Observer) – and impressively juicy, spicy Shiraz have a turbo-charging effect on each other, creating a velvety and irresistible style. Serve in large glasses with char-grilled steak or Sunday roast.” (Source: Laithwaites)

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