One hell of a lot of fun! I’ve been to The Fest – Octoberfest Pub in Fulham twice once with 3 other friends and once for my own stag party with 15 friend. Both times were amazing. Yes it is a bit silly and a bit cheesy but is very true to the Oktoberfest in Munich and is a proper laugh when with friends. Get a table (need to book or get there early), get the drinks in and let yourself go. The food was ok (we had the burgers) and did the job plus for my stag we ordered our own keg for the table. It saved us all money and meant we could get as much as we wanted whenever we wanted and we still only just finished it off at closing time. One other thing… taxis home should be booked in advance and are essential! 🙂 A very memorable night out and some great pictures can be had here. Not a place to go for a quiet drink though!

Steins of lovely Paulaner pilsner, Oompah Brass, Dirndl costumes, pork knuckles and pretzels! What is not to like! The Fest – Octoberfest Pub may not be the classiest joint in Fulham but I would seriously struggle to recommend anywhere else if you’re looking for a good time.

“Our goal is to create the most authentic Oktoberfest experience outside of Munich and make it last, so people can enjoy a sample of the world’s biggest party all year round. Being supported by one of Munich’s finest breweries “Paulaner” we import everything from our beer to our Pork Knuckles straight from the people who supply the Oktoberfest with theirs. We cater to everything from corporate functions to birthday parties and everything in between, our slice of beerhall heaven appeals to everyone. Our Live German Oompah band really put on a show and standing on your chair is actually encouraged!!!! So come down and have a Stein, a Pork Knuckle and join in the fun.”
678-680 Fulham Road
London SW6 5SA

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