Fantastic beer brewed in South East London! I have seen these bottles in more and more places recently and because of the interesting looking ‘brown paper bag’ style design, really wanted to try one. My chance came at The Craft Beer Co where they had The Kernel: India Pale Ale – Chinook on draft. I ordered a full pint and enjoyed it all. The weather was baking hot which went perfectly with this full flavoured and refreshing IPA. At 6.5% it would be a tough choice as a session beer but one or two in the sun… perfect!

The Kernel: India Pale Ale – Chinook worked out to be quite an expensive pint when I ordered it (just over £7) which is the only thing that would put me off even thought it was lovely (although this could just be the pub). I just couldn’t justify it when pints of Meantime London Pale Ale can come in for £3.50. However, as a treat or a one off I would definitely recommend this beer and will be ordering some bottles for my house.

The Kernel has been named ‘Brewer of the Year’ by the British Guild of Beer Writers (01-12-2011)

“American hops meet English malt. Burnished golden colour. Aromas of tropical fruits, hints of grass. The sweetness of the malt gives them the impression of fruit salad on the palate, juicy, then followed up with a big bitterness, with some pepper and spice.” (The Kernel)

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