The Porterhouse is one of my favourite meeting places in London. The exposed copper pipes, artisan beer bottles adorning the walls, a great selection of beers and heady atmosphere make this a gem in the heart of Covent Garden. Their slogan is also very close to my own “First things first. We are passionate about beer!”.

“That’s why in 1989 Liam LaHart and Oliver Hughes opened the first Porterhouse and specialised in importing various beers from around the world with a keen eye on Belgium.”

There are a few other Porterhouses around the UK as part of The Porterhouse Co Brewing company and as well as selecting the finest beers for sale they also make and sell their own. I have only been to the bar in Covent Garden so cannot speak for the others but I would thoroughly recommend checking it out. The food is good pub grub, the music and live bands fit the mood perfectly and the maze style layout makes this big space feel cosy and intimate when you are out with friends. A delicate but well managed balance. Being in the heart of London, seating can be at a premium so you may need to get there quickly to secure a spot but when you do it is SO worth it. I love the different bottles on the wall and the exposed pipes as well as the copper clock which feels like it came from a Tim Burton film.

The atmosphere is always upbeat and I can happily recommend coming in the afternoon or evening with friends, work or family. I’ve done all the above and always enjoy it especially with their good range of interesting beers. From their own selection I can recommend the Temple Brau (“now our No 1 selling lager. The lager beer of Temple Bar. The only Irish Lager brewed in Dublin for Dublin”) and Hersbrucker (“a classic full lagered sharp Pilsner”) as well as a large number of the other available brews!

Check it out – the unique look and feel alone is worth a quick trip.
London: +44 207 379 7917

Image: tonyaustin

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