Fantastic South Eastern Australian red wine with a very distinct and gorgeous cherry taste that is extremely drinkable with or without food and every mouthful was delicious. The Red Tape2010 Montepulciano is another great find from Laithwaites who have been doing me proud recently with a lot of strong wine finds including The Waxed Bat and Alma Andina.
It got its name “The Red Tape” as initially the winery had a bit of trouble registering the grape!

“Gloriously ripe Australian first. Cuts through hearty dishes – and bureaucratic Red Tape! One sip tells you exactly what’s in the bottle here – bright, lip-smacking cherry flavours, vibrant freshness and deep colour that only the Montepulciano grape gives you- plus unmistakable Aussie warmth and ripeness. Absolutely gorgeous, simply brilliant with food- and a triumph over bureaucracy. Like maker Sam Trimboli, Montepulciano has Italian roots – and adores the Aussie sunshine. Sam even planted the vineyard for this wonderful wine himself – only for dozy EU officials to deny us putting the grape name on the label (“sorry, but we’ve never seen Australian Montepulciano before”). Well, here it is, utterly delicious – and a fabulous bargain. So here’s to Sam and Australian Montepulciano – and one in the eye for officialdom!” (source: Laithwaites)

From the back of the bottle: “When Laithwaites visited in August 2006 we asked them what was popular at the time and straightaway they told us Montepulciano. The next day my boss Tony Sergi, keen to explore his south European roots, bulldozed a vineyard where we planted 50,000 Montepulciano vines. Three years later we made our first harvest, but this grape variety was so new here that it wasn’t officially recognised and could not be named so, for the 2009 vintage red tape – the bane of everyone’s life (even here in Australia) – meant our first release remained a somewhat clandestine affair. With 50,000 vines in the ground, however, no-one could deny we’d put Montepulciano on the map and with a bit of lobbying, the red tape was cut in time for the 2010. Montepulciano thrives in our climate, the long hours of sunshine giving this wine fuller, riper qualities than its European counterparts. Brilliant purple with violet highlights, Red Tape has an intense nose of ripe plums combined with hints of cherry. The palate has a warm, smooth, multi-layered quality, with fresh red berry and spicy plum flavours complexed by hints of vanilla and tobacco. We enjoy this wine with lasagne, tomato and mozzarella salad and after dinner with a selection of cheeses. (Sam Trimboli – Winemaker)”

I couldn’t have said it better myself – so didn’t – definitely one to search for and drink as much of as you can! 🙂

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