The Royal Standard of England is the oldest freehouse in England, and a brilliant one too. Wonderful choices of local ales and fantastic food. It also looks the part with its exposed wood and hanging hops. Tucked away in a little village in Buckinghamshire it is tricky to find but is well worth the effort.

I went there with friends and my 1 year old. Although there were no highchairs the Royal Standard of England was very child and baby friendly. It is really much more of a restaurant than a pub (especially on Sundays) but looks like a beautiful pub, has a lot of great ales on draft including those from The Chiltern Brewery and has a great, welcoming atmosphere.

The Royal Standard of England

We were rushed slightly to finish our meals and move on but I put this down to it being an exceptionally busy Sunday lunchtime with the table only booked for a period of time. I am looking to return outside of these hours and attempt a pure drinking sessions with mates for Christmas and think that it will be great. Only issue is the location, but cabs will soon sort that out.

The Royal Standard of England is one of truly the most impressive old world style pubs that I have ever been in and love it for it. If you are in the neighbourhood, check it out!

“The alehouse has been here for over 900 years and we as the landlords, are the ongoing hosts for you in a fragment of time in the pub’s long history […] When you come into The Royal Standard of England you will feel immediately like you have come home. The essence of the pub hits you in the head and heart. The building oozes history, with gnarled oak beams, flagstones and worn floors. There is a smell of wood smoke that reaches back into our collective hunter-gatherer memory of sharing a meal around a fire.” (

Read the full history here

“To drink water until 1900 was to risk your life, beer was the safest drink”

The Royal Standard of England
Forty Green
01494 673 382

The Royal Standard of England

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