Kipling – South Pacific Pale Ale by the Thornbridge brewery is a lovely, lovely beer. My wife chose it for me in Waitrose based on the name, style and brewery and has hit on an absolute winner. It tastes a bit like Meantime’s Pacific Pale Ale, fruity, light and sparking yet full bodied and full of flavour, almost as if the water from the South Pacific tastes like this.

I will come back to this beer again and again as it tastes special, yet is also a session beer ripe for sunny days. I haven’t tried Kipling – South Pacific Pale Ale on draft yet but I can whole heartedly recommend it by the bottle. I have actually realised that I prefer bottle to cask ales. There is something about the light carbonation that occurs in the bottle which really adds something for me.

This is my second review for a beer from the Thornbridge brewery, with Jaipur India Pale Ale being a firm favourite of mine as well. With a hit rate of 2 for 2 I will definitely be looking into this brewery much more often!

Kipling is a golden beer made exclusively with the fabulous Nelson Sauvin hop (Thornbridge were the first UK brewer to use this hop) that imparts exquisite passion fruit, gooseberry and mango aromas. An initial sweetness and medium body are balanced by a lasting grapefruit-like bitter finish.” (Thornbridge)

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