It is own brand but it is stunningly good! I was looking everywhere to find bottles of Dunkel Weissbier in London and apart from the odd Schneider Weisse, I found nothing. Then after a trip to Waitrose I discovered not only a huge selection of well chosen beers and wines all at respectable prices (I was expecting to pay much more because I was in Waitrose) for example one 500ml bottle of their Bavarian Dunkel Weissbier is £1.73. Which is fantastic value considering that it tastes exactly the same if not better than bottles I’ve had in Germany like Andechs Weissbier Dunkel (draught will always beat this hands down).

It is not too strong coming in under 5% which is good as some of these can get up to 8% or more which makes then less of an ‘everyday beer’. It has all of the banana, caramel and chocolate tastes that I love so much and I would recomend that everyone try a bottle. Even non beer fans. Thank you to Waitrose for being the only place to stock something like this and I really hope to see this and their other selections like Meantime’s India Pale Ale rolling out to other supermarkets soon! It really is that good! Sorry got to run Ocado just delivered 6 to my house!!!

Order from Waitrose / Ocado

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